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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lex Luthor to kill European Superman?

Lex Luthor is hunting with a friend in its farm.

Lex Luthor: "Ha ha ha ha." I must acquire to the most nuclear equipment. And desire to begin a war with Iran. Ha ha ha ha."

Friend: "Ha ha ha ha ha. You are shining, Lex Luthor, shining."
Lex Luthor: "Now to shoot them the animals."

Friend: "Wait, which is that one over there ? It is deer. No, it is quail. No, it is airplane."

Lex Luthor: "it is weapon of the mass destruction."

European Superman: "No, I am not weapon of the mass destruction, I am a weapon of the peace."

Lex Luthor: "Ha ha ha ha ha."

European Superman: "No, the joke is in you, Lex Luther. You must stop to construct to the nuclear equipment and not to go to wage the war with Iran."

Lex Luthor: "Go to fuck yourself, European Superman. I will wage the war with Iran, I will wage the war with the country of desire."

Lex Luthor points its gun to European Superman. The friend of the Lex Luthor approaches European Superman from behind. European Superman will die? Lex Luthor will acquire to more nuclear equipment and will begin a war with Iran?

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Muslims takes the half my advice

Muslims urge cartoons law change

Muslim scholars holding emergency talks called for a change in the law to stop insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad being published.

Officials from the Muslim Action Committee (MAC) meeting in Birmingham also called for the Press Complaints Commission code to be tightened to restrict British newspapers from following European media in printing the caricatures.

It is well. The Muslims take my advice on the polemic of caricature. But you cannot to take my advice almost. They must amend the law of caricature, but Muslims must also burn the Chinese embassy. How can you a thing and not the others to make?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Danish is the losing

I do not have lack of information against Danish people, but they are seriously a handful cowardly.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Denmark's table tennis team canceled a trip to the Middle East this month because of Islamic outrage over Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Denmark will take part in the Turin Olympics, which begin Friday. But its soccer federation is considering calling off an exhibition game in Israel on March 1.

The Danish soccer federation said it was in contact with the country's Foreign Ministry and intelligence service and will decide this month if it will cancel the game in Tel Aviv. The Foreign Ministry has urged Danes to avoid Muslim countries because of violent protests against Denmark.

Denmark's table tennis association said Tuesday it will not compete in Pro Tour events in Qatar and Kuwait, starting Feb. 13. The federation had planned to send Olympic men's doubles bronze medalists Michael Maze and Finn Tugwell and two other players.

"We're really sorry that we had to cancel our participation because of the situation in the world," table tennis federation spokesman Arne Madsen said.

If the federation of the ping-pong is to align winners, they would not have to go to the Middle East and the position of the taking? And it indicates that its country is of the right in the conflict of the comic strip that gains a game of the ping-pong, is not so? If your country were implied in an important conflict with an important part of the world and had an occasion to go to play the ping-pong there, you would not go for you could win and demonstrated they something?

Denmark should have to testify for that what is of right, stand up until Middle East and gains the table tennis.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

European Superman to Rescue!

Somewhere in Europe: A political comic strip offends people of certain religion, Islam. The Muslims are angered, they rebel, they attack the embassies of certain European country. What it can be done, that will save the day? European Superman will come to rescue?

Somewhere in the Middle East:

Muslim: "We will kill all the European and we will eat its children."

Second Muslims: "wait, which is that one back in the sky"

Muslim: "it is a bird, he is a plane, no he is Mohammed prophet."

Second Muslims: "no, it is a bomber of the suicide."

Muslim: "he is not neither, he is European Superman."

European Superman: "Salaam, Muslims."

Muslim: "Salaam, European Superman. In the name of the prophet."

European Superman: "the Muslims, I know that you are angered on these comic strips. Listen, I lived in Europe under the Soviet domination. Religion, Islam, were suppressed by the government.

Muslim: "yes, it is."

European Superman: "yes, only you will not solve to any thing burning itself the Danish Embassy. He must have a land of in the middle. I have solution to it the problem."

Muslim: "which is that one?"

European Superman: "Europe must prohibit religious comic strips. And you must burn the Chinese embassy. China is communist, like Soviet union."

Muslim: "the Chinese embassy, hah, why we did not think about that one?"

Second Muslims: "European Superman, you are wise truth."

Saturday, February 04, 2006

European Superman to Rescue!

A beautiful woman is stopped in the shelf of the window of a building of high apartment. The building is in flames. "To help me!" she shouts. I hear its beautiful shouts, and I come to its side.

"Thanks, European Superman," she say. "Where it is the police," I ask to her. "Not here." "The firemen?" "Not here." "The Organization for the Security and the Cooperation in Europe?" "Also not." "Batman?" "Not here." "Spiderman?" "Not here" "Where it is American Superman?" "Who," she requests. "American Superman." "Who is that one?" "Exactly," I say.

"Grab it to my cape," I say, as I jump off the shelf, and flight to it the security. "Thanks as much European Superman. I do not know what would do without you. You have taste to come to my place for a drink?" "I have taste," I say...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

To Sweden it is only one European Superman

Swedish MPs in Superman name row

Swedish MPs are calling for legislation on babies' names to be changed after a Gothenburg woman was refused permission to call her son Staalman (or Superman).

The parents wanted their son to be named after the cartoon superhero, because he was born with one arm pointing upwards - as Superman flies.

Local tax authorities refused the request, saying the name could lead to the boy being ridiculed in later life.

But MPs say the law is inconsistent as the names Tarzan or Batman are allowed.

Of Tarzans and Batmans there is many, but there is only one Superman and I am he.

Capital City

Now it has been far better saving the Soviet domination. Although still there is a certain poverty in some locations, is far better than old days. And the city is diversion! Clubs, women bets, what plus you could request?



Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What part of Europe

Where you live in Europe? Europe is very pleasant, I have taste to go to Spain, and the master Sweden and the United Kingdom are even great. Master to wines of France and Germany, and to women of each country.


I am 21st century European Superman.